The world of glass

Fusing glass

Art glass fusing technique, or glass sintering, when the motif of fusing glass is formed from cut glass, glass chips, broken shards and glass powders stacked on the base glass and melted in a glass furnace into one piece of glass. In the furnace, the glass is heated to temperatures above 800°C and then slowly cooled. The cooling process is unique to different types and thicknesses of glass to avoid undesirable internal stresses.

This is one of the reasons why our company uses glass from the best manufacturers of tested glass for fusing such as American Bullseye and German Schott. The fusing technique enables the production of original glasses, which are widely used both in interiors: fusing door panels, lamps, glass behind the kitchen, shower enclosures, fusing images; as well as exterior such as: Fusing awnings, glass railings, entrance door or window panels. We have been dealing with fusing since 2005.

Sample of fusing products from our workshop